Educational game development program
Программа реализуется на английском языке
About Gamechangers
Gamechangers is a non-formal learning program for educators from the Baltic region. The program will equip participants with practical knowledge on competence-based learning, educational game design and civic education.
Why games in education?
Games have the power to change attitudes and behaviors of players. Using games in education enables students to put theory into practice and further develop soft skills. Designing an educational game is not rocket science, but it does take practice to become a great game designer.
Are you willing to change the game to change the world?
About the program

"Gamechangers" will equip participants with competencies for designing and developing their own educational games following diverse formats: simulation, role-play or even board games. The program will cover introduction to game-based learning, game development principles, practical sessions on creating own game concepts, testing the concepts, documenting games and reflecting on the application of such methodology in the education and youth work fields.
Educational games
The program focuses on educational games, which can be used by educators and youth workers to work on important topics with their target groups in a dynamic and engaging way.
Civic education
The games are envisioned to promote civic education by focusing on topics that foster an active citizenship: ecology, human rights, historical memory, anti-discrimination, critical thinking, tolerance, etc.
Practical approach
The program will be based in active learning methods where participants will have the chance to dive into theory but also put their skills into practice in their daily work.
Who is this program for?
Gameсhangers is a program designed for practitioners and students in the education field.
You are a teacher, trainer, youth worker, social worker or university student in the education field.
Baltic region
You are from Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania or Russia (Saint Petersburg).
Target group
You have a group of participants (school class, student group, etc.) with whom you are ready to conduct a new game developed in Gamechangers.
You speak English at the intermediate level and above.
Program Timeline:
1st August 2019-
10th September 2019
1st August 2019-
10th September 2019
Application Period
10th - 20th September 2019
10th - 20th September 2019
Selection of participants
21st - 27th October 2019
21st - 27th October 2019
Gamechangers basic training
Tallin, Estonia
November 2019
November 2019
Webinars from game experts
October 2019 - January 2020
October 2019 - January 2020
Local game testing
In the regions of the participants
11th - 17th February 2020
11th - 17th February 2020
Gamechangers Fest
Saint Petersburg, Russia
What do you get from the program?
We have developed a unique international program for educators that will provide you with experience and will connect you with an extensive network of trainers, experts and other educators from the Baltic region.
You will learn the game-based learning approach in education.
You will develop your own educational game, get feedback and advice from experts.
You will present your game in an international festival with local and international stakeholders.
Who develops the program?
Shokkin Group Estonia is a not-for-profit youth organization founded in 2011 in Tallinn (Estonia). The main aim of the organization is to empower young people to live a pro-active lifestyle by providing them with opportunities to develop competencies for personal, professional and social growth. We foster active citizenship and development of young people through creative events and projects. Locally and Internationally.

We are part of Shokkin Group International, a network of organizations with the common mission of improving the quality of youth work in Europe. We build reliable partnerships in order to achieve a positive social impact and ensure the highest quality standards in our projects.
Professional community of trainers, facilitators of non-formal education from different regions of Russia.

We develop and conduct educational programs, projects, trainings, seminars for people, organizations, communities wishing to develop: dialogue and openness, critical thinking, social justice, environmental friendliness, creativity, initiative, freedom in thoughts and actions.
International network of practitioners fostering and uniting educational programs in Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe, the Caucasus, Russia, and North Africa.

We support sustainable social development that provides safe spaces for participation, diversity, and peaceful dialogue. Together with our locally-rooted partners, we promote civic engagement and develop tailored approaches which answer the challenges of our collaborative geographies spanning 24 countries.

THK is a program of the Robert Bosch Foundation and MitOst Association.
Terms for participation
Participation in all parts of the program is required.
The deadline for applications is
September 10th.

Number of participants
We are looking for a total of 20 participants:
10 participants from Russia (Saint Petersburg) and
10 participants from Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania.

The selection of participants will be carried out by the organizers based on the applications received until 10 of September. Selected participants will receive an information package with all practical information by the 10th of September 2019.
We provide

Accommodation, meals and the educational training materials to all selected participants. Participants will be reimbursed 50% of their travel expenses up to a maximum 40 EUR.
Participation fee

There will be a 50 EUR registration fee for participating in the whole program (5 months).
Photo credits - Jegor Mljavov, ARTa